In the weekend of 27-28 October our new Terminal Operating System (TOS) went live at Uniport. We are now into operations with our new TOS and would like to take the opportunity to inform you on our experience this far.

In general it can be said that the Uniport staff is still in the phase of adapting to the new environment and therefore is facing temporary challenges with the daily operation. However trained as far as possible we hope you will understand that a full swap of all operational, administrative and planning systems have a huge impact on everyone inside our organization, all connections with authorities and you as our loyal customer. It takes time to come back to the required levels of flexibility and stability in our day-to-day operations you are accustomed to.

Fortunately Uniport has not witnessed a severe shut down since the ‘go-live’. We also see signs that our system is improving. We do feel that we do not only have insight in the issues that we need to tackle to increase overall performance, we also know how to tackle these issues within our TOS to come to the desired increase in overall productivity. It however at this time is difficult for us to comment when (in time) the alterations that require to be made in our TOS will have the required effect on an overall performance increase. Furthermore, the Uniport staff is dedicated and working 24/7 together with a specialized team and our TOS supplier to minimize the experienced disruptions going forwards.