Our services

Uniport is the only combined short sea and deep sea terminal in the Waalhaven and Eemhaven area in Rotterdam. What we do:

Deep sea

Uniport is a flexible container terminal that maintains clear pricing. A balanced combination of manpower, equipment and automation enables Uniport to provide optimal service to its clients. By being flexible, Uniport can respond quickly and effectively to specific client requests. Thanks to its location close to multiple large fresh goods companies, Uniport is the ideal partner for South and Central American clients shipping fresh produce.

Short sea

Thanks to the central location in Rotterdam, close to the hinterland and important highways, Uniport has a strong position in the short sea market. Our flexible terminal procedures enable the efficient processing of containers within the inter-European supply chain.

Reefers and more

Uniport’s terminal is equipped with over 900 reefer connections. It enables us to handle large numbers of reefer containers that require delicate handling. With the Westland area and numerous local distribution centres for chilled goods in close proximity, clients enjoy all the benefits of Uniport’s unique location. Uniport also facilitates cleaning and repair of containers.

Facilities at the terminal

At our 2.500 square meter warehouse we provide services for stuffing, stripping and re-packaging.

Global network

Uniport serves shipping companies across the globe.
Aside from strong connections within Europe Uniport also has direct connections with North, Central and South America, Africa, Asia and Oceania.