New Uniport customer portal on 22 oktober

Prior to the implementation of our new Terminal Operating System (TOS), we will introduce a new customer portal on 22 October 2018. In this letter we explain what this new customer environment has to offer you. You can reach our new Uniport customer portal via

First arrange access
Before we start, we first have to grant access to your organization. In order to do so, we need your help. Please mail us the name, e-mail address and telephone number of your two main users via before 19 October 2018. After receipt, our IT department will contact them directly. These main users ultimately control the access and access rights of all your users.

Terminal reports available
We can send you various reports from our new TOS. Read here which reports we have available for you. Please advise us before 17 October 2018 which colleague wants to receive which report. You can inform us via