Uniport is a highly efficient and flexible terminal operator, handling both short sea and deep sea vessels. Our container terminal has excellent multimodal connections to the hinterland via roads and waterways. As a well-respected company in the port of Rotterdam Uniport is known for its 24/7 mentality and favorable location in the city of Rotterdam (Waalhaven).


Since its founding in 1971 Uniport has grown fast due to global containerisation.

Uniport was founded in 1971. At the time the company was located near Schiehaven and specialised in the handling of general cargo. In the early seventies Uniport grew fast due to global containerisation.

Because of this expansion and because of various take-overs Uniport decided to move to its current location at Waalhaven in 1996. Here Uniport developed into a versatile terminal for both short sea and deep sea. The terminal currently handles over 800.000 TEU per year. Uniport is part of C. Steinweg Handelsveem B.V.


Our people are proud of their company and committed to improve themselves and Uniport as a whole.

Once at Uniport, always at Uniport. It applies to the majority of over 260 employees working at the terminal today. Our people are proud to be with us and committed to improving themselves and Uniport as a whole. Thanks to our lean and informal organisation every individual employee has the opportunity to make a difference.

That’s why our people are willing to go the extra mile. The result is a pragmatic logistical service provider that excels in flexibility when it comes to handling sea-going vessels, inland waterway vessels barges and road transport.