Brexit is keeping us all in suspense. A no-deal as of the 31th of October 2019 is highly feasible. But irrespective of the outcome of all political negotiations: shortsea traffic will irrevocably face customs formalities with any other form of Brexit as well.

For this reason, we are participating in ‘Get Ready for Brexit’, a chain-wide solution for the customs obligations which will be in effect in the Dutch ports following Brexit.

Uniport is a highly efficient and flexible terminal operator, handling both short sea and deep sea vessels. Our container terminal has excellent multimodal connections to the hinterland via roads and waterways. As a well-respected company in the port of Rotterdam Uniport is known for its 24/7 mentality and favorable location in
the city of Rotterdam (Waalhaven).

More about us

We like a challenge

Every incoming vessel is a new challenge. Our team of dedicated employees looks forward to tackle issues, to provide high quality service and to make sure your cargo leaves for its destination as quickly as possible. We are driven by solutions, tailored to your needs.

Quick and flexible

Flexibility, efficiency and dedication is the foundation on which Uniport is built. We are at your service. 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Deep sea in the city

Uniport’s location is unique. Uniport is the only terminal in the urbanised part of Rotterdam’s port capable of accommodating deep sea vessels. It gives our customers the advantage of excellent accessibility to the hinterland via roads and waterways. Aside from its premium location, Uniport has over 900 reefer connections, ensuring the quality of delicate cargo during the entire handling process.

Latest news

In order to serve you even better in the future, Uniport is implementing a new Terminal Operating System (TOS). Of course, we make every effort to ensure that the transition runs as smooth as possible. Check out our New TOS page to learn what this switch means for you.